Frequently Asked Questions

Will additional parking be added for the new splash pad?

We are talking to the city and parks department about the possibility of additional parking. There are no specifics yet but we have the same concerns with parking.

How much is maintenance?

The total is about $3,000 (i.e. energy, water, chemicals, minor repairs, maintenance person) but $2,800 of that figure is from a maintenance person and the city will provide that person.

Seasonal startup: $750
Seasonal Winterization: $1,500

What is the longevity of other splash pads?

From the engineering company: Our products and installation are among the most reliable. Typically 20-25 years before major repairs are needed. This, of course, varies from project to project.

How many splash pads are there in the US?

At least 5,000 and growing. They’ve become popular for being very accessible (ADA compliance), lower cost than pools, and virtually no drowning risk. ->

What are the injury rates for splash pads?

There were approximately 20,000 recorded emergency room incidents in 2014 between pool decks, splash pads, and water parks. It is a relatively small number considering the number of pool decks, splash pads, and water parks.

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