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History of the project

Learn about how we got to this point in the project

Goals of the project

Our aim from everything for the design of the park to fundraising

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We need the support of the community to help make the project a reality


Project History

While we are focussing on moving forward, we are happy to share how the project has arrived at this point.

  • 2016 Winter

    Brandon & Sarah meet after the city put them in touch after both inquired about a potential splash pad.

  • 2017 Spring

    Brandon and Sarah researched other splash pad projects in other cities of similar size.

  • 2017 Summer

    Brandon and Sarah connect with Bill Thoennes from the Parks Department to talk about the next steps.

  • 2017 Late Summer

    Contacted the Aquatix Group to discuss splash pad functionality, project costs, and Fillmore Park being the best fit.

  • 2017 August

    Presented to the Park Board for initial approval and voted on unanimously to bring forward to the city.

  • 2017 September

    Presented to the city with a request for funding help. The city denied the request and wanted more insight.

  • 2017 November

    A vision group was formed to talk about the next steps and fundraising efforts.

  • 2017 February

    Sarah and Brandon present to the city council again and get approval for Fillmore Park as the site.

Where is the project at now?

We are currently fundraising and making some great progress but we still need more support. If you'd like to chip, we'd love to hear from you!

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Splash Pad Design Goals

  • Fun

    There are going to be a variety of water features to keep kids entertained for hours!

  • Safe

    For the park to remain fun, the splash pad needs to be safe.

  • Accessible

    The splash pad will designed to be enjoyed by kids of all ages and will even be accessible for wheelchairs.

Fundraising Goal


We came up with this amount after learning about other splash pad projects of similar scope.

Timeline Goal

Before the end of 2020

Given the current momentum behind the project, we're aiming to start making the splash pad a reality in 2021.

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